Conatural Affiliate Program

The QHC Affiliate Program is like a team where you can earn rewards for telling others about our products. You help us by talking about our stuff, and in return, you can get cool perks and make money when people buy things through your social media.


Join for Free: Join us in reshaping beauty norms worldwide.
Earnings: Receive a 10% commission on every confirmed sale, plus referees get a 10% coupon.
Content Access: Gain access to authorized creative materials upon signing up.

How It Works

Step 1: Apply for onboarding with us by filling out a registration form. Get a unique link that can be used to track sales!
Step 2: Show your creativity through social posts, blogs, videos or other forms of digital content
Step 3: Post to your website/social media page with your unique link.
Step 4: Wait for the magic to happen! For every product purchased through your link, you’ll earn a commission from QHC.

What are you waiting for?

Join the largest beauty community. Simply fill out our online registration form and you’re all set!
*Payments typically require up to 21 days for processing.
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